Mt. Olive’s Summer Camp will be back in session beginning June 1, 2023.

Mt. Olive’s Summer Camp is for youth, ages 5-16. The goal is to ensure that each child is enriched, encouraged, and empowered.  The desire is that our camp will help to shape and mold our children and place them on a creative path that will help inspire them to begin walking in their God-given purpose.

The camp activities are designed to help our children become involved and engaged in activities that they may not otherwise be exposed to.  We want to teach our children life-long skills by introducing them to some activities that technology has caused to lie dormant in the lives of many youths today.  We want to awaken these dormant skills and introduce them to our children through this Summer Enrichment Camp.

childrenrunningThe youth will also learn social skills that will encourage them to cooperate and respect one complete various tasks, resolve disagreements, and develop communication skills.  The youth will experience free time in which they can relax, laugh, be silly, and just be children. While practicing decision-making skills without puppetry guidance the youth will manage their daily choices in a safe and caring environment that will foster independence. The youth will be provided true instructions that will equip and facilitate growth in sports activities, artistic talents, and more.

While engaging in some electronic activities, the camp will encourage the participants to break away from technology and rediscover their creative powers and engage in the real world, real people, real activities, and real emotions.  At Mt. Olive’s Summer Camp, campers will learn to endure setbacks, and try new things with kind encouragement and nurturing received from the staff. The camp will aim to help the children build self-confidence and self-esteem by letting them know that they can do it.

We want to expose our children to challenging activities and encourage them to try new things and embrace new ideas that this generation knows little about.  We want the children to embrace change and encourage them to persevere in the tasks that may seem complicated at first.  We will encourage the children to keep moving, keep trying, keep excelling, and instead of giving up, have them all walk away saying and believing that, “It’s Summer Bruh!”